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Branding - Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy is a kind of company strategic development plan created for a certain time period. It includes a message company is going to communicate with its audience, the way it is going to be communicated and how (communication channels).
An integral communications strategy will help client see the general plan avoiding unnecessary and unscheduled costs.
Communications Strategy structure includes three elements:
  • Message idea. This idea should deal with a topical problem or issue for the consumer attracting his attention. This is the stage to analyze our competitive environment: what do our rivals do, what offers are of high demand and popular right now?
  • Media Strategy. We define those media we are going to place our ads with. This document helps evaluating the whole campaign.
  • Creative Strategy. This is where the idea we are communicating to our consumers comes to life in sketches. Normally sketches are prepared according to general advertising formats.
All these three elements are really interrelated and mutually defining. MSG specialists will help you develop an effective communications strategy to deliver your company/ product information to the target audience in an easy and appealing way.
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