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August 8, 2013
Country main resort
Gorky City
Gorky City resort rebranding


«Gorky City» is a unique multi-brand resort designed by leading Russian and European architects and focused on well-being and outside activities, quality service and various leisure opportunities. This is a «more-than-a-resort» idea incarnation. Place for leisure, place for life.
We have described core values, mission, philosophy, history and the potential, development conception, consumer profile, competitive advantages.
We have created a trendy slogan highlighting the project scale. The slogan deep message is rather obvious: impressions are all around you (different holiday styles), emotions are everywhere, appealing places are here and there, and so is positive experience.


The resort center «Gorky City» logo is a colorful graphic abstraction, geometrically defining the city mountain relief silhouette. Simple forms divided by colors bring positive emotions and are easy memorable for a consumer. The color encoding reflects natural peculiarities of the resort. In this particular case it is green color – ecological and pure (grass, trees, plants), blue one – snow and water, and a color triptych of yellow, orange and red symbolizing the south sun of Sochi.
We have developed a detailed manual on corporate style application, business stationary for everyday use. Apart from creating a huge amount of various documentation, we have produced advertising materials patterns, including upmaking rules and recommendations on corporate style details application.


Using souvenirs in brand promotion helps getting closer to the client. Working on stationary, textile, dishware, bags, umbrellas, pendants, watches and other sweet pieces development; facilitate our day-to-day life reminding of Gorky City - a unique multi-brand resort. Branded items are a kind of a hint when you are about to choose where to spend your holidays.


Information is the core value when it comes to creating a website. There are plenty of trendy videos and photographs on the website. The news feed is the main communication tool with the target audience. The website is adaptive and optimized for mobile devices view.


«Gorky City» resort center is one of the Agency anchor clients meaning we had double responsibility working on the project. The ultimate outcome totally corresponds to client’s status and our creative expectations.
Visual patterns help conceptually combining messages and advertising campaign parts, structuring the idea, enlarging it with a clear visualization for the target audience, and increasing «Gorky City» brand awareness.

Outdoor advertising

We are putting up a good show meaning revealing absolute brand advantages. Advertising conception is based on the general slogan: Mountains of impressions – as a core message to the future resort guests as well as for an association stating «Gorky City» = «Mountains of impressions».
A dimensional protruding element (exterior) makes the communication much more effective.