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August 10, 2013
SPA Center
Corporate Style Conception
A truly balanced project on SPA Center corporate style development is declared completed.
A truly balanced project on SPA Center corporate style development is declared completed. MSG team had a great pleasure and relax really enjoying the process of logo and business stationary creation, corporate souvenirs and advertising media development.

Image conception

The core image is a soul in balance with elements’ images (Water, Fire, Air, and Earth) around it.
A rich and detailed stylistics is the basis of the corporate carriers design.
The aim is to highlight the idea of balance, relaxation, legerity, hand-made, customized approach, and consequently the premium level of service.


The symbol is based on three minimalistic-style geometric abstractions.
It represents the balance between the soul and natural elements. The symbol is based on the images of a tree, waves, butterfly, flower, freedom, and sun.
The logo as a name and its full form inside the symbol are mostly used on large-scale carriers in order to declare the mission Nature Care and positioning Wellness Center of the Soul Spa, Spa Center.
The reduced symbol with S letter inside is designed especially for small surfaces.

Corporate colors and usage

Lots of white color in corporate style implies the idea of peace and pureness.
The color palette we finally chosen, was inspired by nature elements forming the basis of the whole life.

Corporate fonts and usage

Vera Humana 95 Font

Is a strip antique (antique-grotesque) – this is indeed a high contrast grotesque with a shadow of serifs.

Futura Light Cyrillic

Is a permanent sans with a slightly exaggerated letter width – for a better perception.

SPA Center Identity and Corporate Style.

Bright background, trendy photographs, neat make-up and typography.
Stylish, modern but not overburden.
This is the way the printing carriers are designed.
MSG specialists have developed printed materials, branded documentation and souvenirs.
We have selected a number of core images best reflecting the Soul Spa corporate advertising materials style and mood.