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September 16, 2013
Ten Strike
Live Energy
TEN STRIKE alcohol cocktail presenter conception

«TEN STRIKE» alcohol cocktail presenter conception.

Presenter conception.

TEN STRIKE is a combination of energy burst and unique taste of natural ingredients. The unusual flavor secret is all about natural ingredients: taurine and caffeine combined with Paraguayan tea and a vitamin complex giving it most remarkable taste of all energy drinks.
Night city lights and energy, it is extremely attractive. It tempts you and pushes you towards new adventures. Swinging parties, friends – they are all waiting for you. Today TENSTRIKE is a part of modern active lifestyle.

What inspired us?

The TEN STRIKE formula reveals the source of mental and physical activity, unleashes new energy for modern, active life saturated with information and motion. TEN STRIKE energy is hiding behind a creatively designed pack highlighting the drink connection with today youth thinking and lifestyle.
Even the TEN STRIKE brand name is full of energy and inspiration to enjoy your dive into youth culture and style.

Sketch design.

We display the night city, bright lights, and ads. Window lights in one of the buildings define to the STRIKE word. We focus on the TEN STRIKE can in the front.
The night city is aimed to highlight the drink energy, the city never sleeps, and it is full of adventures. Try the energy of the night city, the energy of TEN STRIKE.

The presenter is ready.