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Hotel Astoria
Client event
On March 1, spring came to the legendary Astoria Hotel. With flavours of coffee, sweet desserts, juicy oranges and spring flowers. Real Italy in the heart of the Northern city!

MSG Agency were able to combine and bring the details of Italian life in a wonderful spring festival for partners and customers of the Astoria hotel in an amazing way.

Halls became the embodiment of all the most beautiful, bright, explosive, noisy, the most real Italian.

Guests were on a Roman street, walking on which suddenly takes a breath from the power of the majestic Colosseum; pizzerias and cafes invited to taste the most refined national dishes; the mouth of Truth predicted the fate, of course, only the best that waits ahead. An inseparable attribute of traveling through the Italian streets is the bright Vespa, the embodiment of dynamics, speed, romance and youth!

The style of Dolce&Gabbana accompanied the whole event: bright flowers, large accessories, luxurious beauties, men losing their heads to beautiful women.

But the trip across Italy would be incomplete without the sun-drenched fields of charming Tuscany, without slender cypresses, without orange and lemon trees, without the world-famous family values that the Italians are so proud of. After all, family, friendship, good relations between close neighbors, partners - this is the most important thing in life, and the hotel Astoria appreciates the warm and open relationship between its customers and partners. This was the unifying motive of the spring event, where in addition to incendiary dances, Italian songs, opera arias, amazing gastronomic masterpieces, the traditional Orange Battle of St. Petersburg became the first time!

And the best and most valuable response from the guests was the words "we found ourselves in Italy again, it's amazing!

As the Italians say, life is beautiful! And they know a lot about it.