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April 26, 2012
Company Branding
Logo and corporate style development for SPEEDLINE Company

Logo and corporate style development for SPEEDLINE Company.

We have created company logo and key visuals, plus a series of illustrations for company services.
We have produced: a vivid and catchy logo, illustrations used in the company office interior as well as in website design.
We have generated a kind of a quest for the company website. Once the client completes it he fully understands all the advantages of dealing with SPEEDLINE. We have demonstrated how clear and transparent are company principles via this approach. To make more fun out of the quest we have created series of illustrations displaying the client relations policy of the company.

Identity characters

We have created a hero manager dressed according to company style.
This character is a company business card that will make it recognizable, he is a promo hero, a guide through the product catalogue as an exposition display element. No limits!


Goal: develop a client-focused website for Speedline company brand positioning.
MSG creative team faced up with a task to create a trendy yet informative website with a user-friendly interface attracting company target audience – product customers in China.
Result: we have applied our creativity to resolve the tasks. A company–client interaction scenario turned into a strip cartoon dedicated to the Speedline Company image - Speedman -adventures, and those he is helping to – the Speedline clients. We have developed a colorful website design, friendly interface and a detailed content telling clients about company services and processes.