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Event management - Grand Openings and Presentations

Grand Openings & Presentations

Opening Ceremony is an extremely important event highlighting the most important landmark of the whole new product life – its launch. If you are aiming to see high demand for your product or service, this is the right event to do.
Any Opening ultimate goal is attracting maximum attention and consequently boosting the product information among target audience.
MSG specialists are experts in this kind of events. The successful Product Opening ceremony secret is simple: carefully elaborated concept + clear plan of action + detailed scenario + accurate timing. Under no circumstances should guests be bored on this event. So, one activity should be smoothly transformed into another, always holding audience attention.
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While preparing an Opening it is highly important to focus on media relations: create and send press releases beforehand, send out invitations for journalists, control them coming. It is also crucial to think over they way you are going to interact with them during the event and make sure journalists get maximum information about the company and the new product. Besides, it is vital to check the information placement and if the handouts are creatively designed yet useful. Once the event is over it is important to track all publications, send out post-event press releases, and etc.
Pretty often we invite officials as VIP guests to our events. This means going for special protocol during the event. One of the most important points MSG experts pay special attention to is quality event technical support. We only deal with partners and light and sound suppliers that we trust personally.
Diverse and appetizing quality catering service is also important. You need to plan what dishes and what quantity to serve, decide the time food is to be ready, choose the contractor. Our professional event managers will take care of that.
And last but not the least is venue decoration. It should reflect the whole event concept and look perfect. Sometimes just one wrong detail is capable of ruining the whole story.
This way, preparing an Opening Ceremony is a complex and complicated task you should trust MSG professionals to do. With your company reputation and image being at stock you’d better not cut costs on the event success!
Carrying out a presentation is quite a usual question that almost all companies face up with. Such event is designed to present a new product to potential customers, expose its characteristics and advantages in full.
There are plenty of ways to present your product, amongst which are:
  • Sampling by test
  • Sampling,
  • All-prize lottery,
  • Product demonstration
  • And much more.
There are various presentation formats depending on the client needs, product specification and guests’ preferences.
To prepare such an event our experiences event managers will help defining the overall goal of the presentation, target audience preferences, and do the event budgeting. In addition, we will select and provide professional staff for your event: artists, barkeepers, cleaning staff, waiters, show presenters, and others. We will also take care of venue, handouts, and promo clothing branding.
Handouts are a special area you should focus on. This is something that reveals all the new product advantages to your guests, and tells them why should they buy it. Moreover, if you place a discount coupon or bonus inside a handout, it can well be an additional incentive to buy your product.
Venue selection is an essential question. It has to be attractive, functional and capable of fitting the number of guests you expect to come.
Once the presentation is over our managers will be glad to provide you with all necessary information on the event reporting.
If you find yourself in a situation trying to choose between company image and reputation against cost cutting and budget saving you should better trust MSG Agency. Our experts will work out an event concept fitting your budget; they will also take care of all key complicated arrangements. Working with MSG means no worries about quality, as we always develop and execute simple yet effective solutions!