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Event management - 360° show

360° show

Objective: to create an opportunity for visualization of the surrounding space within the limits strictly defined by certain area.
Projecting: to watch the city skyline sitting in a banquet hall, to make an overland flight, to conquer peaks in real time without leaving your place... Is it at all possible? Shouldn't it be magic to cram the whole world into one hall? But there is no magic that would not be familiar to MSG professionals. For only 36 hours we can design the whole world and put it in the halls of Manege!
Result: 360° project brightly shows projection technologies of the future, new visualization horizons, and new engineering solutions - all these are real tools that MSG has in its portfolio of opportunities.
Just imagine that you are sitting at a height of one hundred floors, for example, on top of the mountain. Skies are floating above you, giving you a feeling of tranquility, harmony and serenity of the flight. Whatever falls under your eye, everywhere you see the clear sky shining with its blue.
Now imagine that you are beneath the ocean, you are surrounded by corals and reefs, huge sea animals are swimming around you, and you, like a spectator in the front row, can enjoy this spherical show of beautiful nature.
Sounds magic, isn't it?
And now imagine that MSG Agency can arrange such a projection show in absolutely any room! This is what is called the 3D Mapping, i.e. applying a projection onto any surface.
This question often comes up with the guests of capital of culture, when they see the beauties of our mysterious city. What for to create something artificial and order 3d mapping, if you can just throw a party on the roof and contemplate a real spherical show? But, alas, the guests tend to forget about the impermanence of our weather, and that it's always fraught to arrange something outdoors, of course, if among them there aren't ardent fans of raincoats or windbreaker jackets. Besides, 360-degree shooting by no means limits your choice of subject. Especially if you have planned a thematic event, it will not be difficult to create the desired reality using video mapping.
Spherical panorama, or simply a 360°projection show, - this technology enables to create in a room the illusions of expanded space, due to the fact that special screens displaying video projections at the customer's choice are installed on the walls.
  • exhibitions,
  • presentations of new products,
  • thematic corporate events,
  • branding of buildings.
You can order a projection show at your event in St. Petersburg with MSG, a professional event agency. The equipment installation takes 1.5 days, so the request should be placed in advance. But we assure you, your guests will never forget the magical world that you will give them by creating a spatial illusion that will emphasize the style and individual character of your event.
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