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November 21, 2014
LEGO Group Company
Corporate New Year
Lego Company representatives group celebrated a New Year prepared by MSG team as part of Client’s visit to International Robotics Olympic Games in Sochi
This grand New Year celebration was called Roboparty. Hence comes the corresponding event concept. All guests get to a robots party: all the most famous cars representatives are here!
This event was truly unique and unusual, since every Lego employee became not only a witness to the grand show, but also a direct participant and even a leader! Before the New Year party start each guest received a bracelet with an individual QR-code. The code was intended to decrypt the message to you from the future-you. Racks with iPads reading QR-codes were setup throughout the whole venue incrementally completing the party program.
The venue was decorated in a futuristic style. We have placed plasma screens broadcasting videos as per current performance to allow guests immerse into the atmosphere of robo-world. In addition, we have established full lighting equipment.
Robots know how to have real fun! LED robotic dancers together with robo-DJ helped bringing ultimate drive and hilarity to the whole flow.
Best Employee Awards became one of the celebration highlights: prizes and gifts were awarded for diligence and dedication to the Company.
Finding best fuel for a robot is not an easy task but fabulous barmen show helped resolving it! Best "fuel" samples were awarded to those who were running out of charge.
Robots amusements were a real gambling attraction with singing and dancing robo-battles. Employees had to defeat artificial intelligence opponents dancing in robot-style and robots vice versa had to dance like humans. The party was fulfilled by a disco party, preceded by a teleconference with the Company Moscow office and fireworks above the sea. Could anything at all have been more impressive and beautiful?!
The day after the Roboparty Lego employees went to a far non-standard place for dinner - restaurant "Peak" located at an altitude of 2200 m! And just before this they had a magical cable car ride surrounded by stunning mountains views.
It's unbelievable but the whole New Year celebration was prepared by MSG masters at a super-short notice: within just one week! MSG Communication Agency - the impossible is possible with us!