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Branding - Creative Concepts

Creative Concepts

MSG Communications Agency professionally deals with creative brand concept development. It is a keystone and a core basis for the whole brand positioning, logo, corporate style, package and handouts design, website development, and much more.
So, interesting and effective advertising is always made up of a huge time and effort dedicated to the core idea development. The more you spend here the easier your product reaches its target audience. MSG Agency creative lab will prepare a successful solution to move ahead your competitors bringing your brand prosperity and loyalty!
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Our creative lab starts project work from the brand communications strategy development: they define the channels to deliver brand information to the target audience.
Consequently we have a list of formats and technologies with a certain budget but requiring communication materials design.
Second stage is a key stage. This is where the brand core idea is born to be congenial with its target audience. The idea is created to attract the customer, captivate his attention and showcase product advantages.
MSG managers define:
  • List of target audience demands that product can satisfy
  • List of obstacles the message could encounter on its way to the audience
  • Unique selling point
  • Key visual
And here comes the creative concept in hard copy – presentations, drawings, charts, mood-boards, and etc.