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September 16, 2013
Sweet flavor, fresh design
by Marty Ray
Marty Ray cocktail presenter design

Marty Ray is a successful and reliable brand consistently developing on the Russian low-alcohol carbonated drinks market.

Marty Ray alcoholic cocktail visual concept.

Island-bar in the middle of the azure pool with dried palms-branches roof and bamboo/ ceramic tiles walls. The drink can is on the edge of the bar counter. The V-shaped thin-stalked glass with Cosmo is beside. Lime/lemon and small ice are inside the glass (optional: berries spread over the counter; berry on the pick in the glass; red sugar on the edge of the glass). The glass is possibly creatively shaped (twisted stalk, inclined glass).
Above is the perfectly blue sky without a cloud. The background displays the projection of the pool, palms and trees, small clay hedge and the ocean.

Where did we find our ideas?

Do you love that careless relaxing feeling when you are somewhere on Caribbean, Maldives or Fiji? We mean relaxing and feeling your every single muscle relax with the glow of the natural slabs stone or pool ceramics in a luxury hotel giving you the ethereal delight.
Contemplating the palms as you are lying in a lounger swigging your Cosmo? Holding the rich scarlet cranberries in your lips?
Feeling the soft barely touchable warmth of azure water, as you are standing knee-high in the pool? Making yourself a king as you sit on the high bar chair demonstrating your well-coiffed body with silk cocoa-tan skin?
Somehow we know you love it. Especially when the last tint to your best relaxation is something special, with a light hint of glamour.
You are warm. You are melting in your relaxation. You feel the pleasure. You know well how to do that. The life is sweet and beautiful.

Marty Ray cocktail presenter design.