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Marketing communications - Special Events

Special Events

It is not a secret that even a most popular product demand decreases as time goes by because of the consumer/ market saturation. MSG Agency has a solution for that: get back your target audience and fill in the information space with news and messages via a Special Event.
Usually Special Event is a so-called artificial event since the company initiates it on purpose, rather than it is a real date or occasion. And this is not bad news because “natural occasions” is something that doesn’t happen on a daily basis while your sophisticated audience always wants more panem et circenses.
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Special Event’s one and only goal is giving your guests bright and strong emotions so that they do not stop talking about your product once the event is over.
MSG Event-managers will prepare a number of event concepts for you to chose, all based on a competitive analysis, evaluation of your company information, and doing a large-scale brainstorming. Conference, Family Day, Charity Event with a prize drawing, large competition - each of them could be your Special Event.
One of the most important steps in each event is Media Relations. You need to inform journalists about the forthcoming event beforehand, control their presence, publications, and etc. We all know that it is quite often that media coverage becomes far more important than the event itself bringing publicity and popularity to the company.
MSG Agency will create a striking event idea corresponding to the company image and target audience expectations, making the event just perfect.