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August 8, 2014
Partner Event
“Pay money in the morning, get chairs in the evening!” The Insurance Group Friends’ Party was all based on the style of The Twelve Chairs, by Ilf and Petrov

The event slogan was totally after Ostap Bender: Only an insurance policy can guarantee you a total tranquility!

Business mission: support key partners (dealers, automobile showrooms, banks, leasing companies) loyalty to the Company.

An adventurous spirit filled the cozy Le Cristal restaurant (St. Petersburg) on October 16. Event guests were able to experience the atmosphere of the satirical novel by Ilf and Petrov to the full. The hostess performing Ellochka-Lyudoedochka and the presenter as shrewd as Ostap Bender were entertaining the guests. Vibrant music and strong drinks being differently strong became an integral part of the program.

An adventurous auction The Twelve Chairs was the evening highlight adding a certain intrigue to the event. “Pay money in the morning, get chairs in the evening!”

So, 12 lots were tendered: superb samples of the art of furniture, a thorough copy of the suite belonging to mother-in-law of a well-known marshal of nobility and social lion - Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov. Real treasures were quilt in the tapestry of several chairs!

During the Official Ceremony of cutting those mysterious lots the guests finally revealed the secret treasures. The prize fund of the auction included: 

  • The key to the apartment, where the money is (a souvenir key in a gift pack). 
  • The grandmaster moved a piece е2-е4 (exclusive chess set). 
  • Treasure (three golden investment St. George coins).

All auction winners declared passing their present to the orphanages.

Event features: 

  • Themed party based on the Ilf and Petrov The Twelve Chairs novel. 
  • Adventurous auction The Twelve Chairs. 
  • Presenter performing Ostap Bender and hostess performing Ellochka-Lyudoedochka. 
  • Cocktails Reception. 
  • Yana Rodion and VIA Piramida performance. 
  • Hot DJ sets.

Result: an easy-going and informal atmosphere throughout the whole event with MSG team input highly appreciated by the Client. Event guests could feel themselves as Great Manipulators been really pleased with an unconventional style of this thoroughly organized party.