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On December 24, 2021, an unforgettable evening took place in the city of Mirny of the Republic of Yakutia
On December 24, 2022, an unforgettable evening was held within the walls of the Almaz Palace of Culture in the city of Mirny of the Republic of Yakutia, in which employees of the ALROSA Group of Companies told the residents of the city about the history of the Yakut region.

We selected many talented workers who danced and sang like professional artists. About a hundred people turned into amazing dancers and singers for one evening. The dramaturgy of the evening was to tell in expressive forms how Yakutia developed from ancient times to the present. To create a magical atmosphere, we entrusted the symphony orchestra from St. Petersburg - IP ORCESTRA conducted by Igor Ponamarenko. Our agency created the event together with a team of professionals from the Cultural and Sports Complex and the Department of Special Projects of ALROSA. Technical part, scenery, detailed development of the scenario and the embodiment of the main idea. And most importantly, we created an atmosphere of celebration, creativity and magic for ALROSA employees who work in the difficult conditions of the Far North.