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New Year's Eve street festivities
At the customer's premises
On December 25, 2019 MSG agency organized New Year's street festivities.

The event was competently planned and thought through by managers of MSG company. Serious work was done to implement the ideas of this project with the coordination of all security services and technical specialists. It took 2 days to install the event at the Customer's premises. In 1 day we installed 1 VIP tent 6,1*6,1m in size. The total area =37,2 mkv. Installation was carried out on the terrace of the 2nd floor of the plant building. With the help of special equipment and crane VIP tent, chandeliers, glass walls, decor, door, carpet, heating fireplace with weights lifted and mounted. For safety reasons, all loads and the overall tent were taken into account. Guest tents of 25*5m in size were installed in the main zone of the territory. The total area of the tents is 125 m2. All comers could comfortably enjoy snacks and warm up. Heating gas mushrooms and buffet tables are provided in the tents. The first assembly day continued with the installation of a stage of 6*4*0.8 with a roof, experts mounted a LED screen 5.60*3.3 P5 outdoor with a remote control. It was decided to surprise all the participants with a light show. Our company offered an exclusive solution for the light series, which was implemented in St. Petersburg a couple of times. We used powerful rays of light such as Aqua Beam and casting devices City Color, which created in the sky and facades of the building an inexpressible picture and festive atmosphere. Installation work on the first day ended with electricity connection points in the work areas.

As soon as the main building was successfully completed, a team of decorators arrived at the site. Thematic New Year's Eve decoration of VIP tents, guest tents, installation of a photo zone in the form of a throne for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, decoration of Christmas trees 3 meters and 2 meters each, table decoration. A luminous bar, bar tables and chairs were placed in the VIP tent. The event was attended by a bartender who made author's cocktails for special guests. Also in the VIP area there was a New Year photo zone. From the 2nd floor there was a panoramic view of the New Year street party of the company.

At the event worked: animators in skomorokh suits, stiltsmen, photographed with all comers Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. The zone with instant printing of the photo worked. The photo zone with live deer and dogs of Samoyed breed became a great surprise and joy for employees.

All evening on the stage there were raffled off worthy prizes in the lottery format. As well as guests could earn their own mini prizes taking part in interactive areas such as: slingshot shooting gallery, pillow fight on a log, valenka throwing, playing the puzzle "mega jenga" and "matches".