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January 9, 2015
Ship crew
P&G is a great cruiser successfully prowling the international business world. And it is been possible thanks to a really great team. Our agency decided to emphasize this fact organizing a New Year corporate event for P&G in a sea-style
Pribaltiyskaya Park Inn – the largest hotel in St.-Petersburg - hosted the New Year party for P&G employees. Just for one night all guests turned into real skippers, boatswains, sea cooks and other members of the ship crew.
“Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!” – were singing barmen in welcome zone while juggling with bottles and preparing special sea cocktails. Right in the nearby area guests had an opportunity to make a selfie with the play props. A bouncy orchestra of lively sailors performing 80-90 years hits completed the atmosphere.
The venue comprised several interactive zones: master class on creating accessories out of sailor shirts, laser shooting and coinage with P&G logo.
MSG Agency has developed dynamic background scenery especially for this event – drawn and animated graphics changing in accordance with stage performances were broadcasted on the big screen.
Main part of the event was marked with an Employees Awarding Ceremony for years of service. Young sailors-gymnasts, dance groups, hilarious music bands were part of the entertainment program. Event guests also had an opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous LED show.
A flash-mob symbolizing the P&G ship departure for a round-the-world cruise became the event centerpiece. Right at the beginning of the party all guests received branded flags with a name of someone from the ship crew on them: boatswain, skipper, sea cook, radio officer, and etc. Each title had a corresponding flag move as per the presenters’ signal to “Hoist sails!” – the guests started all those moves running “the wave”. Meanwhile eurhythmics girls were performing acrobatic tricks with branded canvas with one of them flying up high holding a company flag.
A DJ with his hot mixes continued the fantastic evening allowing the unified ship crew named “P&G Gillette” demonstrate all its artistic dancing skills.