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March 16, 2012
Eurosib Service Center
BMW Restyled Cars Presentation
Do you love beautiful cars the same way we do? MSG motorists team organized a stylish presentation of gorgeous restyled BMW cars by Evrosib Service Center. Moralny Kodeks rock band supported the presentation

Business tasks:

  • Create vast awareness about new restyled BMW cars among VIP audience. Increase sales.
  • Create loyalty to Evrosib Service Center.
  • Support Evrosib Service Center image as a responsible premium-class car dealer, a prestigious company producing stylish, high-quality sports cars, equipped with latest technologies for comfort driving.

The event took place in a warm and cozy atmosphere of the More. Yachts & Seafood Restaurant. Mediterranean cuisine, an inspiring view over the yacht club, tasty wine, and most important - beautiful BMW sports cars. All this was the evening of the BMW restyled cars presentation.

"Where are you flipping sunsets and kissing sunrises, Where are you, clear blue sky and wide open space "- the event guests were singing along in unison with Moralny Kodeks band. In parallel, the restaurant territory hosted entertainment areas, where guests could take part in interactive games.

Event Features:

  • More than 50 persons became event guests.
  • Official cars presentation was displayed next to the restaurant.
  • A number of interactive zones were created within the restaurant.
  • "Moralny Kodeks" rock band performance.
Result: restyled BMW cars presentation by Evrosib Service Center was held in a cozy atmosphere, and lead to positive public reaction.